Julia Gryboś a Barbora Zentková: Steamed Buns

11. 3. 2015 — 5. 4. 2015

Dům umění, Procházkova síň


František Kowolowski

Julia Gryboś and Barbora Zentková navigate most of the time in-between media, but their point of departure is always painting. From this fixed point their individual creations set sail in various directions and follow different courses in terms of form and content. Barbora Zentková examined the relationship between painting and photography, Julia Gryboś, for example, collage or the subject of imagination and simulation. Intensive discussions between themselves regarding their own output gradually resulted in a conscious effort to achieve, by working together, a supraindividual expression based on a compromise which communication between two individuals necessarily entails. As a creative duo they have so far been concerned with installations reflecting shared experience and painting. Through their artistic attitude they sensitively steer the viewer’s perception: “What is the result when two realities meet? A new reality?” Julia Grybos and Barbora Zentková finished their studies at the Faculty of Visual Arts of the VUT in Brno in the Painting II Studio of Luděk Rathouský.
Curator: František Kowolowski.


Dům umění, Procházkova síň

Malinovského nám 2


Exhibition Opening: 10. 3. 2015

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