Sigrún Harðardóttir

20. 3. 2024 – 2. 6. 2024

Vašulka Kitchen Brno


Jennifer Helia DeFelice, Viktória Pardovičová


Sigrún Hardarðottír has long worked with the theme of Gaia and the affinity between human expression and natural forces.  In the exhibition project Permutation(s) the artist has prepared a multimedia installation connecting Icelandic nature and a survey of Brno and its surrounding forests (Holedná in Jundrov or Soběšice) realized in the autumn of 2023.

Permutation(s) is an interactive multimedia installation conceived as a conversation precisely between these two contrasting worlds — on the one hand Brno, a busy Central European historical city nestled in the heart of South Moravia, a land lush with vegetation home to diverse flora and fauna and on the other hand Iceland, a land of volcanos, ocean waters, geisers and waterfalls significantly more barren. The installation poses a series of questions and thematizes subjective experiences of reality in confrontation with commonly presumed facts of understanding landscape, nature, and technology.

Sigrún Harðardóttir (1954, Reykjavík) is an Icelandic visual artist working in painting, video, sculpture and interactive multimedia. She studied at the Icelandic Academy of Arts and Crafts, the Rijksakademie in the Netherlands and at the University of Quebec at Montreal. She belongs to the first generation of artists exploring the media of video. She taught production and post-production of video, animation and interactive art at the Icelandic Academy.

The artist's website:

Vašulka Kitchen Brno

Dominikánská 9

60200 Brno


Kam v Brně


Turistické informační centrum města Brna


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