The Friends of House of Arts Brno

The Friends of House of Arts Brno

The Friends of House of Arts Brno is an association of professionally active artists, curators and theoreticians sharing a steady interest in contemporary art. At present, the association focuses mainly on publishing activities, responding, sometimes only loosely, to the House of Arts exhibitions, programme and other activities. The association is engaged in publishing exhibition catalogues, monographs and poetry books of artists associated with the city of Brno; it also organises programmes that promote these publications.

The association was founded in 1997 and it originally developed independent activities related to fine arts, architecture, music and alternative artistic expressions. Due to the current rich programme of the House of Arts, but its limited possibilities to publish, the association has gradually focused on editorial work that helps to permanently record, present, and promote the unique works of art presented there and place them in an art historical context. Since 2015, the Friends of the Brno House of Arts have published, in cooperation with various partners, the following books: a monograph of the photographer Marie Kratochvílová, the proceedings from a colloquium accompanying the exhibition of Dalibor Chatrný I Am Space, the book MomentUm by Milan Kreuzieger and Jana Horáková, the companion book to the exhibition of Martin Zet Miloš Zet. Walls, Plinths and Mock-ups, and also Neutilitární škola [Non-utilitarian School] by Josef Daněk and Blahoslav Rozbořil. It co-published the book Obrazy a předobrazy [Paintings and Presages] by Karel Císař. The publication of a periodical dedicated to the reflection and documentation of the activities of the House of Arts is currently in preparation. All are available in the bookshop.

Chair of the Friends’ board: Pavel Hayek
Board of the Friends: Radek Čák, Terezie Petišková, Jana Písaříková, Alena Pomajzlová, Matěj Smetana, Petr Veselý
Secretary of the Friends: Tereza Hladká, [obfuscate_1_|103|99|88|99|98|96|55|91|116|100|44|108|100|100|101|104|37|90|121]

Banking information:

The Friends of the Brno House of Arts, registered association, registered in the Register of Associations kept by the Regional Court in Brno, Section L, Insert 6298
acting through Pavel Hayek, chair of the board of the association
business ID: 65353455
tax ID: CZ65353455
address: Brno, Malinovského nám. 2, CZ-602 00


Československá obchodní banka, a. s.
Postal Savings Bank – era
POSTKONTO Nr.: 133 465 450/0300
POSTKONTO holder: Spolek přátel DU města Brna (Friends of the Brno House of Arts)