Monika Fryčová: ART & BUSINESS

The exhibition ART & BUSINESS by Monika Fryčová is on display at G99 in the House of the Lords of Kunštát until 12 February.

#Vašulka Kitchen Brno #Brno Artists in Residence

OPEN CALL / Artist Residency BAiR and VKB

Please send your applications by 28 February 2023.

7. 12. 2022 – 28. 2. 2023

#Brno Artists in Residence

Brno Artists in Residence Open Call 2022 Results

Three new participants have been selected for the residential programme for 2023.


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#Exhibition talk

Exhibition Talk
Jan Zuziak: An Outsiders's Insidership

The exhibition will be presented by curator Jozef Cseres.

22. 2. 2023 18:00 – 19:30

House of the Lords of Kunštát


Omsk Social Club
S. M. I2. L. E - A Trip into Synesthesia

Omsk Social Club is a fluid collective founded in 2016 and based in Berlin. Omsk Social Club uses Live Action Role Play (LARP) and Real Game Play …


Jan Ambrůz

Sculptor Jan Ambrůz presents his sources of inspiration and creative motivation in a new video documentary.


STRWÜÜ: Viscosity and Dissociation, or the Sea without Horizon

Reportáž z labyrintem inspirované výstavy umělecké dvojice STRWÜÜ.


Michal Mitro: Volta - Conditions Are Now Planetary

Michal Mitro presents his work and the project that was the culmination of his residency.


Searching for the Šlapanice Faith: Chrysanthemums, Community, Rituals, Memory

The exhibition Searching for the Šlapanice Faith was inspired by chrysanthemum breeding of Josef Dvořák from Šlapanice and by the ikebanas of Sōfū…


On Wednesdays general admission 20 CZK.