Exterior Artworks of the Here and Now! Exhibition
Global Genocide Inc. - For a Tax Haven on Earth

Global Genocide Inc. - For a Tax Haven on Earth

The public space sound intervention located above the main façade of the House of Arts is reminiscent of public address system broadcasting. Proclamations and slogan-like messages are heard from the loudspeakers at regular intervals and their content is supposed to awaken people in the street from lethargy. Provocative slogans against poverty and the poor present a vision of a future automated world in which there will be room only for a select few and the rich. The proposal for the establishment of a new organization of society is offered by the mystifying art group Global Genocide Inc.

In its participatory projects, the group introduces the fictitious joint-stock company Global Genocide Inc. that adopts market system strategies of late capitalism and takes them to extremes. The group treats the problems of late capitalist society, such as social disparities, poverty, the global environmental crisis and other current socio-political issues, in a radical way, applying exclusively market logic, neoliberal values, constant acceleration and growth; problem-solving is taken ad absurdum. This exposes the hidden mechanisms of a system, which – if taken literally – can lead to utterly inhuman and destructive behaviour and the demise of society. With its mystifying public appearance with a disturbing identity, associated with the use of advertising banners, logos, manipulative slogans and other elements of corporate companies, the group focuses on the majority public that may not recognize the moment of irony at first sight. However, this can also lead it to awakening and understanding.

The work will be launched together with the opening of the exhibition Here and Now!

Global Genocide Inc. is a variable composition of Brno artists (now Andreas Gajdošík, Klára Lázničková, Jonáš Svoboda, Martin Žák, Kateřina Srbová and Barbora Fišerová), who, since 2019, have realized a number of public and collective performative projects consisting of a subversive ironic play with mystifying elements turning against the mechanisms of contemporary capitalism that lead to the devastation of the environment, growing social disparities and other social problems.