Exterior Artworks of the Here and Now! Exhibition
Hynek Skoták and Tereza - Holá Oil on House

Hynek Skoták and Tereza - Holá Oil on House

The Oil on House installation, placed on the façade of the House of Arts facing Malinovského Square, is an ecologically oriented work calling attention to environmental pollution and the global environmental crisis. The oil slick, originally intended for the Étangs d’Art biennial in Brittany, France, is used on the façade as a large-format stained glass piece. The slow manual production process of the work consisting of fifty thousand small pieces of plastic took almost a year. The material was sourced from plastic bottles from the incineration plant and sorted waste; the artists cut them into small pieces and connected them on a wire mesh into a compact whole. The use of waste for the production of a work of art is one of the typical creative processes of the artist duo and corresponds to the current movement to recycle and reduce environmental pollution. Plastic production seriously pollutes nature; plastic is found practically everywhere in the form of microplastics – in the bowels of fish, animals and even unborn children. Oil on House is appealing through its ecological aspect, but it is also used as a distinctive visual element. The brightly coloured leaves with colour transitions make an impressive and eye-catching monumental installation, visible from a distance. Coloured light penetrates the interior of the House of Arts, as the piece works on the principle of stained glass. In the Procházka Hall on the upper floor, the work communicates with other installations and works by Brno artists at the exhibition Here and Now! focused on various environmental topics.

Tereza Holá and Hynek Skoták work as independent artists, and since 2017 they have also been collaborating on joint projects. Together, they have moved from robust sculptural installations in the public space to site-specific installations made of found or waste materials.