Bohuslava Olešová: A Thirst for the Infinite

"We are terribly curious when we are born into this world. So the beginning was that I stared at the world and then discovered the undiscoverable." Says Bohuslava Olešová in a video that presents not only her exhibition A Thirst for the Infinite, but also her work in general.

The work of Bohuslava Olešová has long been concerned with cycles of paintings, drawings, spatial installations, site-specific projects and events that mirror all-pervading energies, the relationships between life on earth and the position of man in the cosmos. It is one of these extensive cycles, A Thirst for the Infinite, that gave the title to the exhibition at the Jaroslav Král Gallery. In her works, the artist interprets the intertwining time and storylines by layering colour surfaces and drawing interventions - older and newer layers of paint merge in the same way that the human past merges with the present. By subsequently cutting through the layer of paints, all sorts of hidden histories and secrets are suggested. In addition, the colour symbolism enhances the ideological message of the work.

The exhibition will be open from 4 August to 3 October 2021 and includes the outdoor installation From Nowhere to Nowhere in front of the main entrance to the House of Arts.


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