Exhibition opening
Bohuslava Olešová: A Thirst for the Infinite

3. 8. 2021 18:00 – 21:00

House of Arts, Jaroslav Král Gallery

Bohuslava Olešová: A Thirst for the Infinite

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition Bohuslava Olešová: A Thirst for the Infinite. The exhibition will be opened by the Councillor for Culture of the City of Brno Council, Ing. Marek Fišer, Director of the House of Arts, Terezie Petišková and curator Jana Vránová. The opening will be accompanied by a musical performance by Loops of Decay.

The work of Bohuslava Olešová, embracing paintings, spatial installations, site-specific projects and actions is multi-faceted and highly creative, yet compact. It contains several positions which are interrelated and are based on ideologically consistent artistic principles. Olešová creates loose sequences of cycles. The nature of the visual means applied is not just aesthetically significant, but is indicative of the determinants that delimit and impact human life, which we have to abide by and respect. She uses painting as a vehicle to penetrate the very essence of life and the actions that we are part of, she studies the relationships between life on earth, the energies and the position of man in cosmos, man as a unique individuality dependent on the space and time in which one exists. Her work grows from intersecting ideas and beliefs regarding the meaning and values of human life, and knowledge from various scientific disciplines. It can be equally perceived as a meditation on the position of man in the contemporary world and the universe.

Painting is a reflection of the artist’s opinions and convictions concerning the meaning and values of human life, while her philosophical and literary contexts suggest a simile related to experiences and cognition, and an imprint of the subconscious. Works by Bohuslava Olešová radiate an energy that the artist considers one of the prime movers affecting human life. The colourful palette of her paintings and drawings often has both a visual impact and, perhaps more importantly, symbolic significance.


House of Arts, Jaroslav Král Gallery

Malinovského nám 2


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