9. 10. 2019 — 16. 10. 2019

Dům umění


Theodor Pištěk

Exhibition talk with Terezie Petišková, Director of the Brno House of Arts.

Theodor Pištěk’s painterly expression has been praised in many cultural centres at home and internationally. However, the Brno art community, which has long been influenced by the conceptual way of thinking, has not yet had an opportunity to see the oeuvre of this painterly oriented and romanticism influenced artist in a greater extent. The exhibition in the House of Arts will be conceived in a way highlighting the grandness of the artistic expression of the painter. It will accentuate the motifs and themes of Pištěk's painting in which he works with hidden fantastic explanations of the civilised world succumbing to an illusion of its own rationality. It will also remind the visitors that Pištěk's work is one of a few within the context of Czech culture that reaches a standard on a par with the international protopostmodern works in Europe in the 1970s and it will draw attention to paintings which in the 1980s thematicised the design phenomenon belatedly appreciated by various postconceptual tendencies of today.

Dům umění

Malinovského nám 2


Exhibition Opening: 16. 10. 2019

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