Vojtěch Luksch (CZ)

11. 9. 2023 – 5. 11. 2023

Vojtěch Luksch (CZ)

Computer games are the main source of motifs in the work of Vojtěch Luksch (*1992). He chooses individual images from the games and transforms them into painting. In terms of expression, his works directly refer to the game environments with their specific graphics, sometimes including characters and objects from the games and capturing the ironic and drastic events of the story he is part of as a player. At other times, he focuses mainly on open landscapes and natural surroundings, the appearance of which, resulting from the imperfection of the graphics, is deliberately stripped of all other game elements. For him, digital aesthetics is a tool with which he explores the essence of painting. Most often he paints on plywood or canvas, sometimes transferring the digital visuality onto an embroidered ground. He chooses games from the turn of the millennium, which for him have a personal dimension and at the same time meet the requirements of imperfect graphics with nature divided into fragments, with angular objects and strange angles of view.

text: Anežka Chalupová