Stukav Brischko as intimity

9. 5. 2018 — 9. 5. 2018

Dům pánů z Kunštátu, Galerie G99

The Centre for Cybernetic Culture Circulation believes in the present (and future) and does not see itself as a mere rendering of past events, nonetheless its program is following a given line of historical milestones upon which it refers.
The 3rd milestone year to influence the CCCC´s residency at the house of arts in Brno is 1945 which most importantly marks the “official” end of World War 2. This also marks the confrontation with the task of recovering from the devastation that was perpetuated in the years before. In a central European context direct conflict was to be avoided at any costs, so the “confrontation” based on a reestablished diplomatic discourse.
For this occasion the CCCC invited Students from Vienna and Brno in order to engage in an international discourse about modes of learning, teaching and what it means to strive for a life as an Artist in different national systems.

Kaja Clara Joo
Hessam Samavatian
Paul Spendiér
Karim Eder
Mira Klug
Marie Yaël
Chucky Rm
Leni Stückler
Maria-Magdalena Ianchis & Fabienne Francoise Therese Hudec prepared an exhibition of their works that emerged from a collective attempt of putting each individual artistic expression under a title. The fictive word “Stukav Brishko” was invented as the denominator that best describes their work when seen together.

Students from the photography department at FAVU in Brno where also invited to present art-pieces following the working methodology (which they developed and follow throughout the course of the semesters) of picking a paper from a jar and reading its word at the end of the sentence: Photography as. In this case: Intimity.

Dům pánů z Kunštátu, Galerie G99

Dominikánská 9


Exhibition Opening: 4. 5. 2018

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