STRWÜÜ: Viscosity and Dissociation, or the Sea without Horizon

From 21 April to 5 June, the G99 gallery hosted an exhibition of the participants of the Brno Artists in Residence programme, the artist duo STRWÜÜ. Their labyrinth-inspired installation was described by Katharina Küstner in the accompanying text:

The history of the labyrinth begins with a story of blind trust: When Theseus entered the corridors of Knossos, he followed Ariadne’s thread to find his way out.

In present-day labyrinths, Ariadne’s thread has been cut up. Like a multi-wired Hydra, it has become many. Its bits and pieces won’t show us a way out of the system. Instead, they reach up to infinity only to come back down to a hidden source, bundled in one electric artery. We are left in endless motion, lost in connection: My step forward is your step back, your way out paves my way in.

The labyrinth’s walls and pillars are breathing heavily. Their sonic ears watch our movements, their flickering eyes listen to our steps. Somewhere in between orientation and observation, they connect, contain and conserve infinite bodies and intimate information. Like Fata Morganas, they block our ways before they dissolve, imagining futures by hiding the past.