Tomáš Moravanský

19. 2. 2020 – 12. 4. 2020

House of the Lords of Kunštát, G99




The public can view the exhibition for free if, upon entering, instead of buying a ticket they exchange it for a (used) ticket for another cultural event (e.g. cinema or theatre ticket, etc.).

Tomáš Moravanský’s installation Still Left is based on the artist’s residency within the Brno Artists in Residence programme of the Brno House of Arts which took place in autumn 2019. It it a follow-up to a series of projects entitled STILL LIVE.

Tomáš Moravanský -II- (*1991/SK/CZ) is a visual and sound artist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, choreographer, film and scenic director, photographer and mediator. In his work he often develops the motif of personal, emotionally-tinged expression against a conceptual backdrop, and as an artist subscribes to "romantic conceptualism". His work is accompanied by critical-analytical reflections anchored in specialist literature, philosophy, sociology and psychoanalysis. He produces cycles and series, alternating between formal approaches on the basis of content and his own development. A large proportion of Tomáš Moravanský’s work consists in collaboration with various people, he invites guests from different fields and genres to form art collectives. He is a music and video producer (Panáčik), creates gallery installations and interventions into the public space. The artist is currently working on a libretto, as the director and librettist of an opera for the Janáček Opera of the Brno National Theatre. Since 2017 he has produced series of interlinked gallery projects, performances and short films known as STILL LIVE, in which he explores the subjects of everyday life, psychology of movement and the culture of individualism in relation to phenomenology. In addition, his work is marked by distinct traces of humour, subliminal associations, puns and self-irony. 

Tomáš Moravanský is a co-founder and member of the INSTITUT INSTITUT intermedia group and civic association (2018) which brings together protagonists of different expressions and media in discussion, critique, research and contemporary art aimed to support the creation and presentation of individual and group projects.

The installation opening will involve a dance and movement composition INTERPELLATION, followed in the evening by the first part of the artist’s series of four performance interventions called Conditional Constructions I for the nearby TIC Gallery (at 6.30 p.m.).

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11. 2. 2020 – 18. 2. 2020

Tomáš Moravanský

út – ne 10 – 18 h

House of the Lords of Kunštát, G99


House of the Lords of Kunštát, G99

Dominikánská 9


Exhibition Opening: 18. 2. 2020


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