Searching for the Šlapanice Faith: Chrysanthemums, Community, Rituals, Memory

The exhibition Searching for the Šlapanice Faith was inspired by chrysanthemum breeding of Josef Dvořák from Šlapanice (1924 – 2006) and by the ikebanas of Sōfū Teshigahara, which were shown in Brno House of the Arts on 18th November 1962. The exhibition is a part of an artistic research project documenting and reconstructing the work of Jan Dvořák, which was almost entirely lost. The project was carried within the Specific Research program at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology. Participating artists: Barbora Lungová, Marta Fišerová Cwiklinski, Nina Grúňová, Lucie Králíková. The exhibition was kindly supported by the Brno House of the Arts. Special thanks to Mrs. Marta Fišerová of the Local Organization of the Czech Union of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners, Mr. Josef Kopecký from Šlapanice and Ms. Jana Klašková.