Painted-in Story – Places and Memories

18. 2. 2018 — 18. 2. 2018

Dům umění


Tadeáš Kotrba

Art workshop for children aged 6–12 with
painter Tadeáš Kotrba. We will borrow
Tadeáš’s memories that he puts into his
paintings as a basis for a new story, which
everyone will paint on their own or together.
We will talk about interesting things that
happened to us or interesting places we have
visited – and these memories can also be
incorporated in the big painting we will do
together. Even more, Tadeáš will teach us how
to paint using stencils!

Please be on time.

Parents will get free time.
Workshop for children
Admission 20 CZK

Dům umění

Malinovského nám 2


Exhibition Opening: 8. 12. 2017

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