Exhibition opening
On Fathers Raised By Their Children

29. 11. 2022 18:00 – 21:00

House of Arts, Jaroslav Král Gallery

On Fathers Raised By Their Children

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition Pavel Preisner, Svatopluk Sládeček: On Fathers Raised By Their Children on Tuesday, 29 November at 6 pm at the House of Arts in the Jaroslav Kral Gallery. Simultaneously, the Milena Dopitová exhibition The Next Stop Is a Request Stop will open on the first floor of the House of Arts.


Vital questions related to the experience of fatherhood – this is the theme of an exhibition bringing together painter Pavel Preisner and architect Svatopluk Sládeček, two long-time contemporaries from Zlín. They both went through the process of self-definition as a father in different constellations, and this newly established category gradually began to interact with the profession of each of them. Pavel Preisner is a painter for whom fatherhood is a catalyst for a sequence of fragile childhood memories. For the architect Svatopluk Sládeček, the world of the child takes on the same meaning as an architectural composition. For the conception of the exhibition, it was also important that both artists know each other's work very well, they have discussed and defended it many times together and influenced each other. That is why the final form of the exhibition arose in the course of a longer dialogue and works with media that are inherent to each of them. Pavel Preisner is represented by paintings from his “father” series, created over more than three years, and Svatopluk Sládeček has designed an object that will be a three-dimensional counterpart of the exhibited paintings and a physical experience of the paternal condition.


House of Arts, Jaroslav Král Gallery

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