David Přílučík
My Sun, My Sun, What have you done?

4. 8. 2021 – 26. 9. 2021

House of Arts

My Sun, My Sun, What have you done?

The installation My Sun, My Sun, What have you done? by David Přílučík is the first installation at the new Meta-art object Lávka-Notgalerie. This was created as a cooperation between Czech artist Martin Zet and Viennese artist Reinhold Zisser and was originally erected as part of Martin Zet's solo exhibition at the House of Arts Brno. In the summer of 2020, the 30-meter-long installation was translocated to the Notgalerie project in Seestadt Aspern, and recently half of it was moved back to Brno, where from now on, it will establish a connection between the Vienna Seestadt location and Brno.

David Přilučík's intervention works with the motif of insect light traps. His work My Sun, My Sun, What have you done? is shifting the logic of hunting and extermination not only to attract visitors's attention, but also to those we have tried to consistently and systematically pull out of our interiers, wardrobes, meals and bloodstreams. With the use of UV light he attracts moths and other nocturnal insects that now bring the installation to life. The inverse light trap thus functions as an ambivalent space for interspecies meeting and asks questions about the form of our mutual coexistence. Radiation from UV lamps is called black light, and like this phrase, these black rays shining through the exposed objects carry a contradiction: they must shine to want darkness.

David Přílučík graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. During his studies he went through the studios of Jiří Lindovský, Tomáš Vaněk, Ruth Noack and Simon Waschmuth. He was the member of Studio Without Master initiative (2015 -2019), a also cooperates with NGOs and activist organizations. Works as a member of the editorial board of Artyčok TV platform for contemporary art. The central motif of his work is that of posthumanist thought which reflects the human’s (subject’s) crisis of identity in living among the ruins of the great figures of Western thought (Culture x Nature). His work has been presented in USA, Israel, Germany, Russia, Hungary,Slovakia and Czech Republic. His video Blind Bidding won the main prize of the competition Other Vision CZ at the 16th Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art PAF Olomouc.


Accompanying Programme

Reinhold Zisser: Lavka-Notgalerie with introduction of the art intervention by David Přílučík

Reinhold Zisser: Lavka-Notgalerie with introduction of the art intervention by David Přílučík

3. 8. 2021 – 3. 8. 2021

We cordially invite you to the opening of exhibitions Reinhold Zisser: Lavka-Notgalerie and David Přílučík: My Sun, My Sun, What have you done?

út – ne 10 – 18 h

House of Arts


House of Arts

Malinovského nám 2


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