Susanna Flock
My Inventory Is a Black Hole

20. 10. 2022 – 1. 12. 2022

Vašulka Kitchen Brno


Monika Szücsová

My Inventory Is a Black Hole

Susanna Flock explores the body's relationship to its technologically mediated environment and screen culture. Her work investigates categories and phenomena pertaining to the relationship between digital technologies and everyday life, such as the correlation of digital and analogue, presence and absence, belonging and loneliness, and even isolation (however, seen as a condition of a hyper-connected and community-based environment). An essential part of Susanna's work further concerns research into the internet phenomena mostly materialized in video installations.

Vašulka Kitchen Brno presents two of Susanna's recent works, the video Building A.I out of Clay and selected objects from the installation My Inventory is a Black Hole. Building A.I out of Clay is concerned with mortality in the context of technological change. Images of hyper-realistic flowers from a video game animated by digital wind, a CGI animation of Frankenstein's creature having an identity crisis - the motif of the predetermined breaking point as a prevention and sabotage figure between life and death permeates the work. In My Inventory is a Black Hole resin objects of items found in computer games were created. These digital objects do not share any properties they would otherwise have outside their digital world. They remain just as flat as in the virtual world, where the spectators' eyes can always only access the rendered image of an item at once. In a material approach to making the digital items tangible, they are cast as discs — in a state between vision and touch — a two-dimensional image and a graspable object.

Susanna Flock lives and works in Vienna.

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