Michal Mitro: Volta - Conditions Are Now Planetary

Michal Mitro, a participant of the Brno Artist in Residence programme, presents his work and the project that was the culmination of his residency - the exhibition Volta - Conditions Are Now Planetary. What unexpected connection is there between the Mumbai enclave of Zoroastrians and an anti-inflammatory painkiller?

Michal Mitro is an artist and a researcher working across the field of disciplines and media. Trained in Psychology and Sociology, he focuses on the nuances of everyday life as well as hyperobjects of planetary scale. In his artistic practice he translates his sociological imagination into crafted sculptural environments with elements of sound, light or electricity. Themes that he gravitates towards explore relationships between human and more-than-human worlds and the supposed friction between natural and artificial. Mitro proposes narratives both affirming and disturbing in order to shape viable futures one may like to inhabit.