Veronika Vlková
Listen quietly

30. 9. 2020 – 25. 10. 2020

House of the Lords of Kunštát, G99

Listen quietly

Listen quietly, you know this. Find your light and your shadow, look at the sky and at all the flowers around. Look into the sun, will you let yourself be blinded by it?
The sun stands in the sky, and when it rises, it’s warmer and brighter. You ask what it is that stands? What it is that goes up and down and where it goes to sleep? Morning star… where does light come from, and where is it?
The sun is very far, and at the same time quite close. It is here and there, present and hidden.
And you ask again, although you already know where to find the answer.

Veronika Vlková (1985)
The work of Veronika Vlková involves the communicating of fantastic stories and dream visions. The artist has long shuttled between the media of static and moving images, objects, installations and music performances. Her distinctive visual language presents an absorbing and associative play for the viewer, in the centre of which the decline or even the disintegration of structures always contains potential for rebirth into something new and fulfilling. Through her spiritually-informed approach to both art and life she enhances post-apocalyptic debates with a dose of trust in the autonomous power of the individual and society and in the power environment that surrounds us. These open arms of communicated stimuli have inspired the artist’s long-term collaboration with the musician Kateřina Koutná, the illustrator Jan Šrámek and the filmmaker Magdaléna Bažantová.

Text: Markéta Lisá
Guests and collaborators: Comunite Fresca, Kryštof Netolický, children from the Waldorf primary school in Brno, Štěpán Baar, Apolena Bažantová, Kateřina Koutná, Marcela Zelinková, Monika Kučerová, Alžběta Bayerová


House of the Lords of Kunštát, G99

Dominikánská 9


Exhibition Opening: 29. 9. 2020