Libor Veselý: IX

Libor Veselý invited us to his studio on the occasion of his exhibition IX. What do mountains mean to him and how does he perceive the bustle of streets? And what does the somewhat mysterious name "IX" stand for? You will learn all this and other interesting things in our video.

Brno native Libor Veselý is one of the prominent figures of contemporary Czech painting, which has seen rapid development in the recent years. In the second half of the 1990s and after 2000 he studied under Jiří Načeradský at the newly established Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, continued at the École Supérieure de Beaux-Arts in Lorient in France and finally passed through the colourist school of Jiří Sopko at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts.

Veselý works in extensive loosely connected cycles which often consist of large paintings on canvas. The colourist situation in the paintings testifies to his extraordinary ability to concentrate on the qualities of the experienced present. They also betray the artist’s inspiration by Old Masters. Being informed by historical painting is particularly obvious in the cycle of paintings in which he combines random blotches of paint with the construction of the Renaissance pictorial space and figures. An encounter with paintings by Libor Veselý is an entry to a strange parallel world disclosing the artist’s inner reality. His works synthesise numerous impulses, exhibit continuity both with European historic painting and modern and contemporary culture.


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