Libor Teplý: In Search of Light

11. 3. 2015 — 5. 4. 2015

Dům umění, Galerie Jaroslava Krále


Jana Vránová

The cycle of black-and-white photographs by Libor Teplý (1955), In Search of Light, was in the making at the end of the first decade of this century and is freely related to the photographer’s previous work. The relationship between light and dark was an inspiration to him both in choosing the motif and in the approach to the interpretation of its meaning in the two preceding photographic series (Dark and Light and Order and Freedom), where the initial impulse was provided by deliberations on human life’s values and searching for answers to questions related to them. Libor Teplý seeks environments and situations which are in harmony with his perception of light as the basic human need and desire, for him it is synonymous with freedom and joy. The latest set was created in the gloomy spaces of a former prison where light symbolized a release from darkness – both in the physical and spiritual sense.

Dům umění, Galerie Jaroslava Krále

Malinovského nám 2


Exhibition Opening: 10. 3. 2015

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