Jasmin Schaitl

15. 11. 2017 – 15. 12. 2017

Jasmin Schaitl

Jasmin Schaitl is an artist and performer who graduated in 2012 from the University of applied Arts, Vienna. Since 2011 she works internationally, as solo-performer, visual artist, artistic director of group performances, leads workshops and interdisciplinary projects, curates and teaches. In 2014 she received the STARTstipendium for performing arts from the Austrian Federal Chancellery Section Art. Since 2014 she also is collaborating with artists from various disciplines, such as choreography, sound, and installation. She presented her performances and exhibitions in various institutions worldwide such as KAAI Theater Brussels, KINDL-Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst Berlin, Ex Teresa de Arte Actual in Mexico City, Ujazdowski Castle CCA Warsaw, Moebius in Boston US, Fabrica Center for contemporary Art Brighton UK, SeMA NANJI Exhibition in Seoul South Korea, and participated in international performance festivals such as Konteksty Festival Sokoloswko PL, Venice Performance Art Week, Tempting Failure Festival Bristol UK, and imagetanz Brut Vienna among others.

She combines minimalism, reduction, precision and an increase of concentration, within her primarily meditative working methods. Her work in various media broaches the issue of a continuous balancing act between existing juxtapositions e.g.: presence – absence, begin – end, duration – moment, lightness – heaviness. Furthermore, her approach and interest to work with time, offers another experience of individual time perception. As a contrast to a fast-paced society, this offers a new awareness of fullness within the emptiness, an appreciation of the unspectacular. It emphasizes the underestimated meaning of beauty within details, through mere dedication on one matter.