Jaromír Novotný: Other Things Held Constant

As part of Jaromír Novotný's exhibition Other Things Held Constant, we bring you a video in which the author presents his work. How does he perceive monochromy? And what connection can abstraction have to the real world?

Jaromír Novotný is one of the most prominent figures in contemporary art in abstract monochrome painting on the domestic and international art scene. He has recently participated in the international exhibition Intuition at Palazzo Fortuny, Fondazione Musei Civici in Venice (2017), Une question de temps at Galerie Jean Brolly in Paris (2018), and last year he had solo exhibitions in Graz (Slow Gestures, Museum der Wahrnehmung) and Hong Kong (Just a Narrow Range of Possible Things, Axel Vervoordt Gallery).

The exhibition at the House of Arts, which will last from 4 August to 3 October 2021, refers in its title to the principle of ceteris paribus (Latin for "all other things being equal") used in mathematics, economics and other social sciences. It denotes a condition that examines or measures a property of one quantity under the assumption that the other quantities remain the same or constant. In the context of the exhibition, this condition can be observed in the repetition of a particular approach, slight shifts in the relationship between two elements in the image, and the inevitability of their location.