Exhibition opening
Jaromír Novotný: Other Things Held Constant

3. 8. 2021 18:00 – 21:00

House of Arts

Jaromír Novotný: Other Things Held Constant

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition Jaromír Novotný: Other Things Held Constant. The exhibition will be opened by Terezie Petišková, Director of House of Arts Brno and Marika Svobodová, exhibition curator.

The exhibition of the painterly work of Jaromír Novotný will present a selection from the contemporary and earlier creations by the artist. Through minute shifts in abstract monochrome painting his cycles capture a number of themes with the common denominator of examining the fundamental phenomena of a painting. An elementary study of the surface, paint, space, shape, gesture or outline rendered with austere painterly and non-painterly means in Novotný’s works carries, simultaneously, an aspect of physicality and an almost existential statement. The intuitive, organic incrementation of the painting by adding or inserting pieces of canvas by sewing, together with the visible seams and pleats, reveals a work in the process of making with its haptic properties and imperfections, thus evoking a physical experience. Reduction, transparency and colour as other important components of paintings lead our attention towards our own way of seeing and an ability to perceive and learn about the world through our senses. Novotný’s oeuvre is loosely connected with cognition theory, specifically with the philosophy of Merleau-Ponty called the phenomenology of perception (corporeity). According to this philosophy the world and things are revealed to us ‘by themselves’ and we perceive them via our senses, through our own body.


House of Arts

Malinovského nám 2


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