Ateliér Time-Based Media
I Have No Time

19. 5. 2022 – 3. 7. 2022

Vašulka Kitchen Brno


Pavel Mrkus, Daniel Hanzlík

I Have No Time

The Time-Based Media Studio, led by Pavel Mrkus and Daniel Hanzlík, is focused on the creative mediums of video, sound, and computer technologies in the field of contemporary art. In doing so, it uses time work to develop the possibilities of the image, object or spatial installation. In terms of content and technology, it combines the practices of contemporary visual art, experimental film, sound art, interactive and performative forms. 


Vojtěch Groot's audiovisual installation entitled The Limit State of the Black Box (2021) presents the viewer with the process of experimentation. The process of interaction of motors, generating various phenomena housed in a cube, is wirelessly broadcast and then projected. It is a process driven by the personal desire for knowledge through non-scientific research. This approach is not about empirical results but about the lived experience of experimentation. This almost haptic verification of reality is partially enveloped through a distanced presentation to the viewer.

Martin Marek's printed listening guide entitled Hearing (2022) is created by an author who has long been involved with the medium of sound and auditory perception and perception in conjunction with textual instructions or guides. The ears, like the other senses, are the interface between the inner and the outer. Sound guides us, creates our idea of space and moves us through time. The freedom to listen allows us to create an acoustic environment that we directly influence, and which feeds back to us and others. While we cannot simply close our ears like our eyes and suspend the perception that reaches us, we can adapt, train and control them like an instrument. The Listening Guide discusses hearing as an activity that is in dialogue with the phenomena it encounters. By grounding ourselves in the present moment, it encourages us to approach hearing as tuning ourselves to something.

Peter Halžle's installation Mine Dream (2022) consists of three videos and field recordings. The central video captures views of the Central Bohemian Highlands, the Bílina mine, the Ledvice power plant and the site of the KK 1600 excavator. In the scenes, one can perceive a strong contrast between nature, the "artificial" reclaimed landscape, and the massive mine pits awaiting reclamation. A striking moment in the video is the view of two times of the day in which the dominance of nature and human activity alternate. In the daytime, wildlife can be seen and birds can be heard singing around the dump and mine. After dark, one can see the heavily lit mine pit with its towers and excavators and hear the incessant clatter of mining equipment.

The next two videos show different approaches to sonification of field recordings of the environment. The first of these refers to the gradual layering of the mined tailings, creating horizontal structures layered over time, the second refers to the spreading of soil from the stockpiles that continually reshape the landscape. 

Audiovisual Performance 

Cinematic #3 - Live Archive
A series of audio-visual performances based on original audio interactions with selected works from the digital archive of Steina and Woody Vasulka.
Authors: Vojtěch Groot, Jindřich Jandečka, Polina Khatsenka⠀

This duo brings together Beatbox and an experimental approach to soundpainting. Alpha are looking for a way to convey their musical ideas directly to the viewer while maintaining their own authenticity and pure rawness. Their focus is on natural sound sources but they're not not afraid to combine them with synthetic sounds.
Authors: David Mirský a Lada Jaffe⠀

The Vašulka Kitchen Brno program is financially supported by the Statutory City of Brno and the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic.

Accompanying Programme

Atelier Time-Based Media: I Have No Time

Atelier Time-Based Media: I Have No Time

19. 5. 2022 17:00 – 18:00

We cordially invite you to the exhibition opening Atelier Time-Based Media: I Have No Time on May 19 from 5 pm at Vašulka Kitchen Brno.

út a čt 10:00-18:00

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