Exhibition Opening
FFA Graduates 2024

26. 6. 2024 17:00 – 22:00

House of the Lords of Kunštát

FFA Graduates 2024

A celebration of graduation, the opening of the graduate exhibition and parent-teacher meetings, a mutually guided tour, an official launch, shocking performances, a music program and lavish reception featuring both alcoholic and soft beverages, a chill-out zone with a kids’ corner and a changing room for parents, as well as a basement afterparty and an accompanying program for the graduates

The opening will start at 17:00 in the House of the Lords of Kunštát (Dominikánská 9), where the first part of the programme will take place. After a performance, the programme will continue at the Distillery (Pekařská 78).

We wish you the strength and support to make whatever you wish for yourself a reality!
Whether it is marzipan rings, a merry- go-round with swans, blowing out candles on a cake, a fountain full of wine with eight-metre straws for drinking, resting in a forest, working for a non-profit organisation, leaving to pick apples or become a tattoo artist in Indonesia, working in the funeral business, working on artistic research, founding your own business, going for an internship in Germany, opening a graphic studio with your friends or starting work at a corporation.
We wish you whatever you would wish for yourself! We wish you much strength and excitement, health, love, understanding, support, nearness, joy and glitter.

The curatorial concept of this year's graduate exhibition is determined by the openness to the individual needs and wishes of the graduates, their real and varied application inside and outside of the art industry. This will be followed by a support programme for the graduates focusing on the main axes intersecting the challenges that await them after school. The exhibition and its opening is designed as a celebration of graduation and the transition to the next phase of creative, career and personal growth. (Kateřina Olivová a Barbora Trnková)

Graduates: Ivana Balcaříková, Jan Bendák, Lucia Bergamaschi, Rama Bilal, Kateřina Cendelínová, Natália Drevenáková, Jakub Dvořák, Richard Haraším, Petr Eric Hofmann, Petra Hrúziková, Eliška Jedličková, Michaela Kachtíková, Alexandra Kopúnková, Balbína Králová, Lucie Lienerová, Karolína Lubovská, Klára Malo, Jakub Matušek, Anna Medvedska, Berta Myslivcová, Bára Nováková, Eva Paterová, Anna Petruželová, Daniela Ponomarevová, Denisa Ponomarevová, Michaela Rapava, Terezie Rausová, Markéta Skalková, Adam Smolek, Adam Strach, Pavlína Temcsáková, Robert Urbančok, Zoya Volkova, Lenka Zadražilová, Marie Zandálková

Graphic design: Ondřej Zábojník, Daniel Weber
Exhibition architecture: Karolína Munková, Eva Truncová


House of the Lords of Kunštát

Dominikánská 9