Ester Krumbachová

6. 3. 2022 16:00 – 17:30

House of Arts

Ester Krumbachová

Come and say goodbye with us to the exhibition Ester Krumbachová! The last exhibition talk will be conducted by curator Edith Jeřábková and will be accompanied by showing of a short movie V oku by New Noveta.


The monographic exhibition presents the as yet unpublished complete estate of Ester Krumbachová, a remarkable film director, screenwriter, novelist, artist and designer of film and theatre costumes. As a visual artist Krumbachová collaborated on a number of outstanding films of the Czech new wave (Diamonds of the Night, Daisies, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, The Ear, etc.). In 1970 she made her only self-scripted film, Murdering the Devil. After 1972 she was banned from working on feature films and TV programmes. The prohibition for her to enter the Barrandov Studios was temporarily broken in 1983 when she worked together with Věra Chytilová on the film The Very Late Afternoon of a Faun. After 1990 she was able to return to film, her last work being Marian (1996), where she was responsible for the dramaturgy, set and costume design


In a liminal terrorised haze, haunted/incarcerated
In sickly scented oil and liqueur, descending into dread
Circling, surrounded, walls, windows – all attentive
Some protective decadence, spiralling sticky sweltering fright

The film V oku was an exploration into themes around paranoia and dread in response to Ester’s recurring portrayals of lives under scrutiny, surveillance and control.
The film was a lead up to the performance K.A.T. that took place at the opening of Ester Krumbachová exhibition at House of Arts Brno.


V oku, 2020
Concept and performance by New Noveta
Costumes, amulets, perfumed wax head cones by Gabriella Massey
Sound composition by Vindicatrix
Direction, cinematography by Flora Pitrolo


House of Arts

Malinovského nám 2