Basic Intinct Special Cheese BRNO

6. 6. 2018 — 6. 6. 2018

Dům pánů z Kunštátu, Galerie G99

The Centre for Cybernetic Culture Circulation believes in the present (and future) and does not see itself as a mere rendering of past events, nonetheless its program is following a given line of historical milestones upon which it refers.
2018 is the last milestone influencing the Centre for Cybernetic Culture Circulation´s stay at Brno and it marks also an end to its existence in the House of Arts. 2018 is the year that is running now and is also the only year the CCCC can influence.
For the 7th and last week of program the CCCC invited Olga Krykun and Adrian Altman to present their Brno edition of BASTIC INSTINCT SPECIAL CHEESE. This interactive performance basically lives when the visitors are involved so come by and have some fun with us!

check their instagramm to get a "preview":

Dům pánů z Kunštátu, Galerie G99

Dominikánská 9


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