Exhibition Talk
Barbora Klímová: Navzájem

20. 5. 2023 19:00 – 20:00

House of Arts

Barbora Klímová: Navzájem

We cordially invite you to the Barbora Klímová: Mutually exhibition talk on Saturday, May 20 at 7 pm. The talk will be led by the author and will take place as part of Brno Museum Night 2023.


The project by Brno artist Barbora Klímová builds on her previous work and in some ways responds to the catalogue and exhibition Grey Gold, which took place in the House of Arts in 2014.

The exhibition project is based on Klímová's long-standing interest in intergenerational dialogue, moments of encounter, return, recollection, conversation in unusual circumstances, and also on the motif of the aging of art and the artist. She will build on the work summarized in the publications Interdependent. Artists and Communities in Moravia in the 1970s and 1980s and The Living Generation.

The project will consist in staging events on the edge of civil events. They will take place in collaboration with personalities of older generations, with whom the author has some significant experience or memory, who are in some way authorities for her. She has even met some of them as part of her educational processes. The choice of participants is subjective, it is not about looking at one's own personality and the influences that affect it, but rather an attempt to experience across generations, to share, to learn. Inspirational dialogues with Inge Kosková, Marie Kratochvílová, Marie Filippovová, Dana Chatrná, Barbora Bažantová and Vladimír Havlík will be present in the exhibition through author videos. Collaboration with Filip Cenek, who has been involved in documenting events in the past and will help with editing, will also be important.

The exhibition will be held under the auspices of Ms. Markéta Vaňková, Mayor of the City of Brno.


House of Arts

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