Azahara Ubera (ES/BE)

12. 7. 2022 – 22. 7. 2022

Azahara Ubera (ES/BE)

Azahara Ubera‘s practice is situated at the intersection of dance, choreography, experimental pedagogy, artistic creation and how to translate philosophical ideas around feminism and queer culture into somatic practices. Through performative installations with humans and not humans she creates spaces for being together, intimate encounters and connect with otherness. She also develops her work and practices along with several collectives; Rica Rickson, Dance for Plants and Somatecx, research group initiated by the philosopher Paul B Preciado.


Dance for Plants facilitate workshops, perform at people's homes for their plants, take part in exhibitions and conferences, collaborate with artists, activists, institutions, scholars, witches, gardeners, dead people, pets, bodies of water and many other humans and nonhumans.

They discover and unfold the human-plant relationship through dancing. They decolonize our imagination. From an eco-feminist and personal-political perspective they investigate dance and storytelling as tools to dismantle patriarchal structures from within.