Anne Hahn

1. 5. 2017 – 31. 5. 2017

Anne Hahn

The German writer and publicist was born in Magdeburg in 1966 and is currently based in Berlin. In 1989 she escaped from the GDR, but was arrested on the Azerbaijani border with Iran and imprisoned for six months. Later, she completed her studies of art history and German studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Hahn received a lot of attention for her novel Dreizehn Sommer (Schirmer Graf, München, 2005), in which she reflected on her experiences with a totalitarian state and migration. In an expanded version, the work was published in 2014 under the new title Gegenüber von China (Ventil Verlag, Mainz, 2014). For her novel Dreitagebuch (Ventil Verlag, Mainz, 2014), which traces her own Bohemian roots, she received the literary prize of the Sudetenddeutsche Landsmannschaft. In March 2017, her third novel Das Herz des Aals (Ventil Verlag, Mainz, 2017) is to be published. Together with Frank Willmann, she published the biographical book about an East German punk rock star Satan, kannst du mir nochmal verzeihen (Ventil-Verlag, Mainz, 2008) and is currently preparing a book on right-wing extremism among football fans. During her artist-in-residence stay in Brno she will be working on her new novel Winterhafen. In addition, she wants to explore the underworld of the old town's medieval cellars, listen to the Brno local language hantec and deal with the legacy of the German-speaking Brno. As she is a big football fan she also wants to visit the stadium of FC Zbrojovka Brno.

The meeting with the author takes place on May 21st and will be hosted by Wolfgang Schwarz (Adalbert Stifterverein München) and Kateřina Tučková (Meeting Brno).

Anne Hahn invitation in video here.

The stay of residential artist is realized via Meeting Brno festival and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The artist will take part in the Czech-German Cultural Spring celebrations.