Anne Glassner (AT)

5. 7. 2021 – 5. 8. 2021

Anne Glassner (AT)

Anne Glassner is a visual artist and performer. Her performances, videos, installations and drawings deal with intensive observations of recurring, everyday acts. The theme of sleep has been a central point of her artistic work for some time now, which she expresses, amongst other ways, through "sleep performances", in which she allows others to observe her sleeping in unusual places. In her works she blurs the boundaries between art and life as well as fiction and reality, and she raises questions concerning selfperception and external perception as well as the intersections of the private and the public.

Anne Glassner studied Art History at the University of Vienna, Art and Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts  Vienna (degree 2008) and Fine Arts (Painting) at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna where she received her degree in 2016. In 2007 she studied at the Accademia di belle Arti Bologna in Italy. Since 2016 she has had numerous exhibitions, performances, workshops in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy,  Turkey, Latvia, Denmark, Lithuania and South Korea. She has been collaborating with various artists and she is the founder of the collective Vocal Naps.

List of pictures:

Photo 0: Anne Glassner
Photo 1: Sleep Safe, Mambo Bologna, Foto: Ornella de Carlo
Photo 2: Waking Up, Foto: Monika Rabofsky
Photo 3: Intervention Seestadt, Foto: Christian Prinz
Photo 4: Sleep Safe, Mambo Bologna, Foto: Ornella de Carlo