Anna Hulačová: Eating Planet

In a video interview, the sculptor Anna Hulačová presents a set of statues and sculptural groups created for the Eating Planet exhibition. In addition to the dimension of meaning, it also sheds light, for example, on the reasons why she decided to focus on concrete in her work.

Anna Hulačová has achieved a unique position on the Czech and international contemporary art scene with her original approach to the medium of figurative sculpture. Her use of traditional, artisan techniques, along with references to folk art, spirituality or interwar modernist artistic styles, are translated into a distinctive artistic statement that appeals for its comprehensibility and accessibility.

The exhibition in the Procházka Hall will present the latest set of sculptures and sculptural groups reflecting the current condition of agriculture, the deepening ecological and environmental crisis and the state of alienation between man and the land. Stylised human figures, devoid of their individual features, merge with the machines they operate, coalescing into a new hybrid entity. The exhibition will run following a shortened schedule from August 4 to September 19, 2021 as the sculptures will travel to the Art Encounters biennial in Romania after the exhibition ends.