9. 4. 2019 — 16. 4. 2019

Dům pánů z Kunštátu

The VDIFF exhibition will present fourteen artists from the emerging generation embodying fourteen individualistic and confident approaches to the medium of painting. Vdiff (visual diff) is a term from the field of computer programming denoting a method of file control using visual comparison. Selected as a title it should evoke the fact that the exhibition shows paintings at a time when computers and digital technology have become everyday reality and hence strongly influence how and what we perceive visually. The aim is to create a spectacular environment within the framework of which the paintings will spill over into spatial installations and create mutual visual confrontations and incite discussion over the similarities and differences of the participating artists. Rather than a show presenting individual artists it is a gesamtkunstwerk, a shared installation of painters, male and female, filling up the landscape. Abstraction meets quite naturally figurativeness, expressiveness faces order, monochrome rendering clashes with a wild colour palette. Additional frequent elements include bricolage, multiplications, mass production as a reflection on the consumer society, pop culture, media reality, and the all-embracing digital universe represented mainly by the internet.

Dům pánů z Kunštátu

Dominikánská 9


Exhibition Opening: 16. 4. 2019

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