System Change!

23. 10. 2018 – 23. 10. 2018

House of the Lords of Kunštát, Gallery G99


Ovidiu Anton

The artistic practice of Ovidiu Anton, an artist of Romanian origin who grew up in Vienna and continues to live there, has an engaged subtext. Charming with the simplicity of their visual form (video, object or drawing), his works are filled with a strong message. In broad terms, he works with both the appropriation and recycling of objects connected with the public space. His work moves between different cultures, social layers, and political facts in an effort to interconnect them, and possibly to disturb stereotypical structures and their subsequent social consequences.

Ovidiu Anton (*1982, Timișoara) lives and works in Vienna. He studied at the Academy of Fine arts in Vienna in the Performative Arts and Sculpture studio of Monica Bonvicini. He has exhibited all over Europe, for instance in the Future Museum of the Czech Centre in Bucharest (2017), Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein (2017), Graz Museum (2015), OFF-Biennale Budapest (2015), MAK in Vienna (2015) and Tobacco 001 Cultural Centre in Ljubljana (2014).

House of the Lords of Kunštát, Gallery G99

Dominikánská 9


Exhibition Opening: 23. 10. 2018

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