30. 5. 2019 — 6. 6. 2019


Martin Talaga (cz/sk)

The fundamental basis of the performance is the human body in all its glory and ugliness.The vocabulary of physical movement within the performance is defined by its abilities and inabilities. What the human body is capable of expressing and what its limitations are? The parts of a mannequin are used in order to shed light on the imperfections of the body contrasting with the seemingly perfect and proportionate pieces of plastic. In spite of its flawlessness, the mannequin remains cold, breathless and soulless.

Martin Talaga is a Prague-based artist, working as a dancer, choreographer and performance artist mainly in the field of physical theatre and contemporary dance. Besides contemporary dance he is also interested in experimental and visual work as well as traditional folklore dances. During his studies and professional career he has had a chance to cooperate with various choreographers, theatre directors and companies. As a choreographer, he has already produced several successful productions, including Thirsts, SYNovial (collaboration with Marek Zelinka), BOI (collaboration with Matej Matejka), FAUNUS and SOMA, which won the Discovery in Dance and the Dance Piece of the Year awards at the Czech Dance Platform Festival 2018.

Exhibition Opening: 6. 6. 2019

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