How to paint en plein air

20. 3. 2017 — 26. 3. 2017

How to paint en plein air

A workshop of the classical open-air medium (oil painting) for intermediate level participants with artist Tomáš Honz. You should have a basic experience with oil painting and equipment for working en pleir air. Booking required by 19 March 2017 at [obfuscate_1_|100|92|110|103|97|98|93|57|96|117|108|37|110|105|101|109|97|39|95|122]. Admission 40/20 CZK.

Tomáš Honz is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, he passed scholarships at the Taipei National University of Arts, Taiwan, and at the Art Department, USA. In the past he worked as matte painter (making film special effects), and he is a sought-after teacher of classical painting techniques. At the workshop you will learn how to recognize and mix colours, how to look around yourselves, and how to choose a motif. In the first part Tomáš will show you how to make a painting, and comment on it. In the second part you will try to make your own painting. The aim of the workshop is to teach you something new that you will be able to use and further develop on your own.


Exhibition Opening: 10. 2. 2017

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