Creative Electronics

28. 1. 2019 — 29. 1. 2019

Dům umění


Peter Edwards

his time Vasulka Kitchen Brno presents Peter Edwards aka Casper / Casperelectronics who will talk about some of the HOWs and WHYs of creative electronics and electronic music making.

Peter Edwards is an American artist living in Brno. He works with electronics to create objects, performances and social experiments. In each case the audience is presented with elements of the familiar and of the unknown as well as tools for controlling the balance between the two. From this tension of extremes, Edwards believes, comes true wonder.

Edwards studied sculpture at The Rhode Island School of Design with a focus on interactive installation and performance. He later studied electro acoustics and instrument design at The Institute of Sonology in Holland. In that time he has taught creative electronics workshops and classes across the US and Europe and established DIY electronics website and instrument design company Casper Electronics. He currently lives in Brno and collaborates with musical instrument company Bastl Instruments to design and produce new works.

Dům umění

Malinovského nám 2


Exhibition Opening: 28. 1. 2019

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