100 years 100 beers

16. 10. 2018 — 23. 10. 2018

Dům umění


Pavel Zlámal a Divergent Connections Orchestra

With the only performance of a fantastic orchestra concert with two world premieres the experimental ensemble Divergent Connections Orchestra will pay homage to Jan Steklík and the historical jubilee of the Czech lands. The event is part of an original and independent “Cycle of Several Diverse Forms” dedicated to the centenary of the establishment of Czechoslovakia. The subject of the cycle is “Czech
ordinariness”, typified, for example, by drinking beer. Generally beer drinking is considered an act that is conscious, hedonic and not more than socially-entertaining. The DCO also perceives beer drinking as a subconscious act, as an expression of certain civilisation level and belonging to a particular community. Such an act can also be approached as a ritual of a spiritual nature and its practise canbe heightened to the level of meditation. More information on the cycle and experimental ensemble at www.pavelzlamal.com

Dům umění

Malinovského nám 2


Exhibition Opening: 23. 10. 2018

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