Here and now!
16.2. – 16.5.2021

The House of Arts
Malinovského nám. 2, Brno
Open: Tue – Sun 10 am – 6 pm
Opening: 16.2.2021

Curator: Jana Písaříková, Marika Svobodová

Some fifty artists connected with Brno were invited to participate in the exhibition Here and Now!, held at the 110th anniversary of the Brno House of Arts. Unlike previous anniversaries dedicated to the history of the House of Arts, this event is focused on the present, offering to a wide range of younger and middle generation artists the possibility to get together and share a common space in a municipal institution. Rather than looking for the characteristics of the local Brno art scene, the initial intention was to relate, from a certain position, to the issue of contemporary art in a globalized world. The basic preconditions for the selection of artists were that they lived or worked in Brno for a longer period of time or were connected with the city in some other way, and that they have continuously been active artists. The no exact age limit was set for the participants, but they are primarily from the younger or middle generations, with intergenerational overlaps. Teachers and assistants of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno were left out of the selection in order to avoid a hierarchization of artists. For nearly a full year of research and studio visits, encounters with individual artists and groups of artists working in shared studios took place and naturally the circle of contacts expanded. However, the aim of the exhibition is not to map a specifically marked scene in its completeness. It is more of a probe into a place where, in addition to more established artists, forgotten personalities emerge, working more or less out of public attention. In this sense, the exhibition is meant to play the role of an open shared field, to be an event of performative character in the sense of friendly meetings and mutual communication. At the same time, it is to provide support for local culture and increase the visibility of artists who constitute the core of Brno’s contemporary live art space and play an important role in its diversity.
The exhibition will present the artists’ latest works, some made specifically for this occasion, and will show what they are presently working on and what they are dealing with. Various media will be represented, from paintings, drawings, and sculptures to installations and multimedia works.




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