Petr Nápravník (CZ)
1.7. – 31.7.2020

Opening: 30.11.-0001

Petr Nápravník (1986) is a visual artist and producer of electronic music currently active in Brno. The compositions of his music, collages and drawings are based on the organic principle. The individual motifs branch and multiply, gradually forming an impenetrable thicket which, like nature, is typified by strange indifference and monotonousness. However, on closer inspection it becomes apparent that Nápravník creates a specific language, the tools of which include shapes instead of syllables. Art is for him a means to create new nature with which he strives to flood his immediate surroundings, as well as a way to escape society whose rules and infrastructure he considers extremely violent. He has successfully shunned work for many years.

Petr Nápravník is a student of the Intermedia Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts of VUT Brno where he also had a study stay in the Department of Environmental Art. He has presented his work at solo exhibitions, for example, in the galleries Umakart (2017), Ideál Prostor (with Šimon Kadlčák, 2018), Vak (2019) and at the pop-up exhibition Chýše (with Štěpán Brož, 2020). He is an accidental discoverer of collages by František Jugas (1944–1992) which he has displayed individually or in dialogue with his own ones in Kulturák Archa in Lubná and in the Moravian Gallery in Brno (2019). He issues his music production as Střed světa (World Centre) on the Baba Vanga label.