Architect František Vrána
9.12. – 7.2.2016

The House of Arts, Procházka Hall
Malinovského nám. 2, Brno
Open: Tue – Sun 10 am – 6 pm
Opening: 8.12.2015

Curator: Dagmar Koudelková

A retrospective view of the design work by the important Brno architect František Vrána. For years he worked for the Furniture Industry Development in Brno always being one of the group of progressive designers who in the second half of the 20th century were abreast with the international developments in the discipline. Architect Vrána also influenced several generations of art students in Brno as a teacher at the local Secondary School of Arts and Crafts and in the nineties at the Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno at the Art Education Department. Since 1993 he has worked with students of Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry at the Institute of Furniture and Special Products from Wood in Brno. The exhibition will present a broad range of the works by Architect Vrána from his school designs for interiors from the 1950s via stage set design studies or exhibition designs for the Brno City Museum and the Brno Trade Fair. Pieces of furniture from the property of Brno museums and galleries will also be part of the exhibition. Curator: Dagmar Koudelková.