Dalibor Chatrný – See the World Differently
23.9. – 22.11.2015

The House of Arts
Malinovského nám. 2, Brno
Open: Tue – Sun 10 am – 6 pm
Opening: 23.9.2015

Curator: Jiří Machalický

The work of Dalibor Chatrný is remarkably open to extremely different stimuli which he was able to take in and process in his own ingenious way, at the border between the thinking of a naturalist and the intuition of a poet. He spent a great part of his life in the inspirational Brno milieu, although he also had close contacts with Prague, where he studied and where at the beginning of the nineties he lectured at the Academy of Fine Arts. His experiments were related to progressive movements in local and foreign art, but although he came close to several his free-thinking approach always prevented him from really merging with any of them. The chronologically arranged exhibition in the open space on the top floor of the Brno House of Arts will be sectioned by the circles in which the artist’s work developed. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with City Gallery Prague, where Chatrný’s oeuvre will be presented in the spring of 2015 in a different format given the more intimate space of the House of the Stone Bell. Curator: Jiří Machalický.