Sam Lewitt, Cheyney Thompson
19.4. – 30.7.2017

The House of Arts
Malinovského nám. 2, Brno
Open: Tue – Sun 10 am – 6 pm
Opening: 18.4.2017

Curator: Karel Císař

The exhibition will proceed from the spatial and institutional fabric of the Brno House of Arts. At the institutional level it intends to rekindle past interest in the reductive and conceptual tendencies, in particular the exhibition entitled White Space in White Space staged in the House of Arts in 1974 by the trio Stano Filko, Miloš Laky and Ján Zavarský. For one night only, which was required to make photographic documentation of their work, the Slovak artists installed there an exhibition of white paintings on white backing such as cardboard tubes and rolls of textile, by which they went far beyond the limits of contemporary art practice. With regard to space the current exhibition aims to take full advantage of the symmetrical plan of the exhibition floor in the House of Arts which is naturally divided into the main hall and the Procházka Hall with adjoining wings. The exhibition should bring together and intermingle works by two closely collaborating American artists Sam Lewitt and Cheyney Thompson who, under completely different socio-economic conditions, address the same problems as artists at the beginning of the seventies. In his work Sam Lewitt focuses on information systems and technologies that shape the life of contemporary society. At the Whitney Museum Biennial in 2012 he worked with molten metal, or more precisely with a mixture of magnetic particles in a liquid, which is employed in computer hard discs. Under the influence of magnetism the liquid condenses into ephemeral shapes suggestive of solid bodies. In this work the artist created a self-contained system which lived a life of its own and resisted any simple definition.
Cheyney Thompson creates his works as self-standing deductive systems, in the same vein as Sam Lewitt, exposing the social and economic prerogatives of contemporary art and present-day society. However, contrary to Lewitt, Thompson employs the medium of painting and sculpture.




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