Dóra Lázár (H)
15.3. – 15.4.2019

Dóra Lázár was born in 1989 in Budapest. First she studied Scandinavian studies and then pursued her studies in the psychology department at the Faculty of Humanities of Eötvös Loránd University for six years total. Afterwards she started her studies in art at the Budapest Metropolitan University where she acquired her degree in Photography in 2018.
In her works, she mainly deals with the relationship between the original and the copy, the reality versus reproducing mechanisms as well as with the contradictions of economic and social processes. Unlike art practices that are popular nowadays she wishes to add artworks to topics that she currently feels strongly engaged to and with the help of research-based working method she likes to comment on any sort of problem whilst being able to open to alternative narratives and observe problems to get closer to general conclusions. She is a firm believer that humour in visual communication can be more than just a gag, since we can easily find true meanings and problems no matter what is the communication style the problem is being represented.
As a photographer, she is interested in the connections of image and text, in pushing the boundary of the medium of photography, and in the future of photography. Her analytical creative processes often set off from basic questions of psychology, literary theory, linguistics or philosophy and she applies the practices of these disciplines to reach conclusions. She considers art a form of communication. Lázár has currently worked as an external lecturer at the photography programme of the Budapest Metropolitan University; she just returned home from an Estonian AiR programme and she works as a lecturer in two different Hungarian educational institutes, teaching photography and art. She lives and works in Budapest.