Lina Dehtyaryova (UA)
15.3. – 15.5.2019

Lina Dehtyaryova is an artist, urbanist and researcher of history of architecture. Graduated from Lviv Academy of Arts (Master of Arts), Uzhhorod Art College (Bachelor of Design). Co-founder of NGO Uzhhorod Modernism and educational and research online project Uzhhorod Modernism (2016). Co-founder of educational and preservation project Save Uzhhorod. Co-founder of the educational project of preservation and restoration of Uzhhorod fire hydrants of interwar period "1930". She developed a public specialized lecture “Uzhhorod in a World Context” and the specialized tour around Uzhhorod modernist quarters. Сo-author of publications, exhibitions and projects: manual "Uzhhorod Urban Design Guidelines: Rules of Behaviour in Historical Environment," exhibition "Architecture of Uzhhorod: Austro-Hungarian Era," flash mob exhibition "Save Uzhhorod Cinema," research project "Map of Uzhhorod Modernism.” Participant and speaker in international conferences on architecture and preservation of cultural heritage. Member of Advisory Council in the Cultural Heritage Department of the Regional Administration. Co-author of justification for submitting Malyi Galagov modernist quarter to the UNESCO Tentative list.