Nina Grúňová (CZ)
13.9. – 13.1.2019

In her latest works, the artist addresses the subjects of repetition, absence, and the nature of vision. Thus far, all the works of Nina Grúňová share one thing in common: a long-term experiencing of individual subjects, musing on the maturation of an idea concealed somewhere in the background of everyday circumstances. The idea of working on the subjects of mobility, variability and time has sprouted in the same way. In the video work To Stretch the Moment, she tries to extend her own biological time by slowing down her mind, breath and pulse.
The video essay Possibilities of Laziness, set in a family garden centre that is no longer in existence, develops in a similar way. It elicits the idea that absence can be perceived as a creative space.
The motif of absence is further developed in the book To Weigh in One’s Palm the Weight of a Lash, where the white page becomes a testimony to its place of occurrence. The white sheet of paper, symbolically perceived as blank, becomes an abstraction that changes according to different environments. It is subject to the chromaticity of incident light, to our vision and conceptual language. Over 60 sheets of paper deal with the dual nature of the appearance of paper in different environments. The description method is subjective – using one’s vision, a written record of such impression, and objective digital measurement.
Nina Grúňová will develop this subject during her residency. She will work with the concept of colour and colouring as a testimony of the image originating, as well as with the textual analogy of this process.

Nina Grúňová (1990) is a graduate of the Painting Studio of Luděk Rathouský at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno; she is currently finishing her second MA study at the Film and TV School, specialising in Audiovisual Studies. The artist’s residency takes place within the joint programme of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the House of Arts – FAVU Graduate Residency.