Flóra Gadó
9.4. – 15.4.2018

Flora Gadó (*1989) is an independent Hungarian curator and contemporary art theoretician. In 2015 she graduated in art theory from Eötvös Lorand University. She is currently a PhD student in a programme for film, media and cultural theory, and her stay in Brno, associated with her university work, will be characterised exclusively by study and research. In Brno, Flora Gadó will be searching for connections with the topic of her dissertation thesis in Czech art. Flora Gadó has curated exhibitions in Hungary and the neighbouring countries, such as the Studio Gallery and Gallery 2B (Budapest), the Tabačka Gallery (Košice), and in 2015 and 2017 within the OFF-Biennale in Budapest. The Czech audience could meet her work at the end of 2017 at the Klubovna Gallery in Brno.

In my PhD research I examine contemporary artistic practices which focus on memory and politics. I intend to analyse the different kinds of critical approaches that artists use to deal with the past. Within this vast field, my specific research topic is the strategy of artistic re-enactments and I try to explain – concentrating on artworks from Central-Eastern Europe – why contemporary artists use this critical tool when they interpret a past event and how the works created in that way help to better understand our present. Artistic re-enactments can be distinguished from historical re-enactments, which are organized by re-enactor societies and focus mostly on the authenticity of a specific event. Artistic re-enactments, on the other hand, usually take on a critical approach questioning historical representations, present missing narratives, voices, and emphasize the clash between personal and collective memory.