Artists in Residence

Since 2016 the residency programme has become one of the key constituents of the Brno House of Arts concept. The third floor of the House of the Lords of Kunštát, refurbished so that to accommodate the residency programme, offers facilities for the stay and work of artists in three studios.

General Information

The Brno House of Arts international residency programme has been launched with the objective to develop opportunities for an exchange of ideas and opinions between the Czech and international arts scenes, and for further expanding the current position of the Brno House of Arts as a complex intermediator of contemporary art towards an active artistic environment.

Visual artists in various disciplines, whose works are based on an idea not depending on form, curators and researchers in the field of contemporary art, architects and designers are invited to take part in the residencies. The residency is conceived as a medium for the realisation of artistic projects and experiments, as a format for artistic activities that need not necessarily lead to an exhibition in the traditional sense of the word, but also to other means of presentation. Research projects mapping the environment and introducing new stimuli, and especially socially engaged projects that induce further discussion, are most welcome.

The presentations of works and of the residents’ creative process take the format of open studios. Residents will be incorporated within the Brno House of Arts regular programme events. Presentations, debates, performances, etc. are organised on an individual basis. A closer interconnection of the residency programmes is planned with the G99 gallery as a space for the presentation of selected residents’ works in form of exhibitions. Contacts within our broader collaboration scheme include other arts institutions, schools, galleries and museums, independent curators and art theorists. Very first artists in residence will be staying and working at the Brno House of Arts upon invitation by the Meeting Brno Festival.

The idea of mobility and mutual exchange is strongly encouraged.

Residencies are organised by the Brno House of Arts in collaboration with the City of Brno.

The facilities for the residencies on the third floor of the House of the Lords of Kunštát are now under reconstruction. The residency programme is now in its preparation phase. It will be launched at the beginning of 2017.

Selection of residents

Artists are invited for a residency on the basis of a recommendation from partner institutions that should be in agreement with the standpoint of a committee appointed by the Brno House of Arts for the selection procedure. Applicants complying with the conditions of our partners can send their submissions through these partners. Open calls are organised on an irregular basis – information on current calls is available at the Brno House of Arts website or the Facebook site.

Conditions of the residency

Residents at the Brno House of Arts are obliged to spend at least three quarters of their stay on the site of the residency.

Communication languages are English and Czech.

The artist undertakes to elaborate a final report with photographic documentation from the course of the residency.

The costs of the studios and accommodation units operation are taken in charge by the Brno House of Arts. Production, promotion and curatorial support is also provided. The cost of travelling, per diems and material are covered within the co-operation between partners, or possibly from grants.

The venue and equipment

The third floor of the House of the Lords of Kunštát, refurbished so that to accommodate the residency programme, offers facilities for both the stay and work of artists. Two studios, an office for a theorist and rooms for the accommodation of residents are available. The kitchen, equipped for joint use of the residents, serves at the same time as a living room. A basic set of tools are available for the artists. When realising their works, artists may ask the Brno House of Arts technicians for expert advice and assistance.


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